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Shri Parvati Makka Poha
We offer Corn Grits that is produced from whole red corn. The processing involves separation of the fatty substance and bran from grits and presenting the grits in desired particle size. These corn grits are widely used in extruded snack food industry, breakfast cereals, breweries, confectionery and bakeries, etc.
They are produce in three formats
  • 1.Large Size Material
  • 2.Mediam Size Material
  • 3.Small Size Material
  • Grade: A++
  • Indian Yellow Corn
Corn is lower in protein and slightly higher in energy. Corn contains approximately 70% starch on a dry matter basis. Other important fractions in the corn kernel include protein, fiber, and minerals.
The protein content of corn is approximately 55 to 60% escape or bypass protein. Escape protein is protein which is not fermented or degraded by the ruminal microorganisms, but is digested and absorbed by the animal in the small intestine. The remaining 40 to 45% of the protein in corn is rumen degradable protein. Rumen degradable protein is required by the ruminal microorganisms for use in growth and protein synthesis. Most research with corn indicates substantial benefit to providing rumen degradable protein in diets containing corn.
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